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GRA 295

Adobe Indesign 



Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process.

~Paul Rand

Magazine Layout 11/5/18 Assignment 4 | Magazine Cover and Spreads Project

Design a cover, 2, two-page spreads and an advertisement for a magazine. You are free to include more pages, this is the minimum requirement.

You are required to use:

A Grid
Master Page Items
Paragraph Styles
Character Styles
Drop Caps
Pull Quotes

Your magazine must be saved and packaged. I need the InDesign file and a PDF file for grading


Magazine L10/22/18 Assignment 3 Book Using Master Pages Project

Your assignment is to use one of the three texts provided, The Raven, Briar Rose, or Oh the Places You'll Go  and design a book layout (think small books available at the checkout of bookstores or coffee shops). The page dimensions are to be 4”x 5”

You are required to have the following:
A Cover (front & back) with title and Author on the front
An interior title page (incl. name of publisher & copyright year
- you can make it up)
A minimum of 12 interior pages (can be more)
At least 4 different images (not including the cover image)

You are expected to demonstrate:
Master Pages
Flowing text (for the entire body text)
page numbering
text wrap
ornaments / glyphs
Character Styles
Ability to use a Drop Cap (on the first word of the first page)


Magazine L10/22/18 9/24/18 Assignment 2 Trifold MenuFinal Due: 10/7/18 Project

Your assignment is to create an 8.5 x 11" tri-fold menu for a restaurant of your choice. Think about what imagery you will use, colors etc. consider if they are appropriate for the type of cuisine you have chosen.

You will need to use high res images from online resources. When you are using Google to image search make sure you search for large images. I will subtract points for images that become pixelated due to low resolution.

Once again I suggest creating thumbnails for the menu.  Think about fonts, colors and imagery as you are creating your sketches.

Apply the appropriate skills you have learned from your textbook, consider: text-wrap, effects, tables, alignments, text flow etc.


Assignment 1 One Page Flyer 9/10/18 Assignment 1 | Flyer for Vacation Area or National Park

Your assignment is to create a flyer for a vacation area or National Park. The flyer will be standard letter size 8.5” x 11.” 

I suggest you begin by creating thumbnails. When creating your thumbnails think about all the elements that will make up your design: heading, type, photos, illustrations, logo etc. 

You may use photographs you have taken as long as they have a high enough resolution. You may need to download some elements for your design, i.e. backgrounds, images and logos. 

As demonstrated in the video, import images and graphics as they are, or from Photoshop and/or Illustrator and assemble them in Indesign based upon your choice of thumbnail/s.

You are free to use placeholder text, but edit so it looks “real.” Have fun, be creative. Use all of the skills you have learned so far from your textbook projects.


11/5/18 Extra Credit Assignment | Newsletter

Design a newsletter for an organization of your choice. Create a four-page newsletter for a topic/organization that interests you. It could be for a school club, sports team, church, local business, or even a hobby you have such as hiking, cooking, or photography etc. The possibilities are endless. There is a list of items that may be included in your publication on page 220 of your textbook "anatomy of a publication." Give careful consideration to the design of the piece and use of all the InDesign skills you have learned this semester. Include short articles, bulleted lists etc. I don't expect you to write all the articles for the newsletter but I do not want you to use placeholder text -- it looks ugly. Find articles you can copy the text from either online or from another source. As this is for design purposes only it is not plagiarism. With that said if you have time and want to write the articles for your newsletter, you are welcome to do so.

You are required to use:
A standing head
A Grid
Master Page Items
Paragraph Styles
Character Styles
Drop Caps
Pull Quotes

Your newsletter must be saved and packaged. I need the InDesign file and a PDF file for grading

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