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GRA 112

Graphic Design History II


GRA 112 Hand Made Poster Project

Design a poster in a design style from one of the design periods or designer’s style on a card you draw from the table in the front of the class. You will include notes on the design style or designer you selected. The Poster elements, ie. the typeface, colors, graphics, and text, need to be appropriate to your era or designer. The topic of the poster is your choice, but it should also be appropriate for the design style/period/ or the designer. 


GRA 112 Conceptual Image Poster Project

 The idea behind the creation of a ‘conceptual image’ is to fuse or combine two images, icons, or symbols in such a way that a new concept is created. The fusion of a concert poster design, iconic wooden artist mannequin, and a political statement of the treaties that were broken in the past between the US government and Native Americans.

GRA 112 Final Video Project

The project consisted of a summery of the semester. In a four minute span, the journey ran the entire history of graphic design. The video is a light hearted, whimsical look at the brief majors eras.

GRA112 Final Project Produced in Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition sound editing software. Video produced using a Panasonic SDR-H100 digital video camera and a assorted Macintosh computers. The video show execution of importing original and established video with editing. The production of transitions with color editing to the selected raw videos. The use of original and prerecorded audio with editing. Effects were applied to the images, video, and audio.

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